A new chapter opens in 2013 for the David and Gladys Wright House!

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is enormously gratified that the David and Gladys Wright House is now in the hands of a new owner intent on preservation rather than potential development. This benefactor who rescued the site through a December 20 purchase is now involved in careful planning for the house and its new educational mission. In the first half of 2013 a newly formed not-for-profit, working with the benefactor, will develop a vision for the house and the site, a comprehensive restoration plan and a more detailed use and operating plan. The Conservancy continues to be a part of these discussions. The owner has recently requested that the City of Phoenix postpone a landmark designation action until a longer term and more complete vision for the house can be presented. We understand and support this goal. Landmark designation under the Phoenix ordinance only results in a three-year stay of demolition. This property deserves long-term protection, such as a permanent easement, which we believe can be achieved by working with the new owner. The Conservancy will continue to assist the new owner and the City of Phoenix as these next steps are taken.

It took seven months of work to save the house. Planning for its future is likely to require significant time as well but the David and Gladys Wright House is launched on an exciting new path which includes the possibility that more people might be able to enjoy this unique building that has had a very private past.

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