Preservation-minded Buyer Still Sought for David Wright House

The path to new ownership for the David and Gladys Wright House took another turn on November 12. The full purchase price offer that was announced on October 31 was withdrawn by the potential buyer who remains unnamed publicly as well as unknown to the Conservancy.

Representatives of the potential buyer released the following statement:

“While the prospective buyer strongly supports efforts to preserve the David and Gladys Wright house, he has concluded that for personal and business reasons, this is not an opportunity he will pursue at this time. He has every confidence that a preservation-minded buyer will be found, and that the house will be preserved.”
The Conservancy maintained prior contacts with other potential buyers throughout this two-week period of the announced pending purchase and is pursuing those possibilities and additional options. Simultaneously and together with our Phoenix partner organizations we continue to seek City Council approval of landmark designation for the building. The next Council vote is scheduled for December 5. More petition signatures—especially from Phoenix residents— and a strong community attendance will help demonstrate to local politicians deep support for designation and demolition protection with or without the current owners’ consent.

More details will be posted as they become available.

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