Lights, Camera, Wright

Academy Award Nominee Bruce Beresford to Bring Frank Lloyd Wright to Big Screen

Two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Beresford will direct an as yet untitled original screenplay based on the life of Frank Lloyd Wright. One of the great visionaries of the twentieth century, Wright revolutionized architecture and redefined the American home. The screenplay, by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Meyer (Elegy, Star Trek II) and Ed Bachrach focuses on Wright’s tragic love affair with Mamah Cheney and the formation of Taliesin, Wright's architectural fellowship in Wisconsin. J. Todd Harris will produce with Bachrach and Marc Marcum will serve as co-producer.

“It’s amazing that the life is of this larger than life creative genius has never been undertaken for the screen,” notes Beresford. “Nick and Ed have done a marvelous job capturing the essence of a man who changed the very nature of the way we live. I’m excited by the challenges of bringing his amazing story to film.”

Bachrach, a Chicago-based businessman, has long been fascinated by Wright. “Growing up in Illinois, the heart of Frank Lloyd Wright country, I was mesmerized by his work which you can see everywhere,” notes Bachrach.
I’ve seen almost everything he’s built and researched his life in great depth, and, as many people know, Wright was a brilliant and complicated artist. I’m delighted to be working with someone of Bruce’s experience in realizing this dream.”

Beresford’s credits include the Oscar nominated Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies and Driving Miss Daisy. Other notable credits include Mao’s Last Dancer, Black Robe, and Crimes of the Heart. He’s been nominated for two Oscars, four Palm D’Ors at Cannes and four Silver Bears at Berlin, a Golden Globe, a DGA Award, and multiple BAFTA and Australian Film Institute Awards.

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