World Heritage Update

World Heritage was chosen as the topic for the first issue of the Conservancy’s new member magazine, SaveWright, because of the importance of this activity for the Conservancy’s education efforts and for the recognition of Wright’s work on the national and international stage. We promised to keep our members and others updated on this long and complex process. In September 2010 the Conservancy called a meeting of representatives of the nominated Wright sites to create a framework for communication and coordination among properties. Another step has been taken: a notice was published in the Federal Register on December 14, 2010 listing all the sites on the US Tentative List (nine cultural sites and four natural sites). Our Wright serial nomination was one of the nine cultural sites.

The next step in the US-level process is convening a Federal Interagency Panel, which will review the US Tentative List and any comments made during the public comment period and report to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. Many more steps at the national level are required before the Wright nomination could progress to the international level. In the meantime the Conservancy continues to work with the National Park Service to prepare a comprehensive dossier supporting the Wright nomination.

The Conservancy is co-sponsoring, with Hollyhock House (one of the nominated Wright sites) and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, a World Heritage event on February 26 in Los Angeles to highlight the process and discuss the significance of the goal of inscription in the World Heritage List. The Hollyhock event is part of a larger day-long Conservancy event. This is similar to the Conservancy - Marin County Civic Center event held in June 2010.

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