2010 Annual Conference: Modifying Wright’s Buildings and Their Sites: Additions, Subtractions, Adjacencies

This year, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy’s annual conference, “Modifying Wright’s Buildings and Their Sites: Additions, Subtractions, Adjacencies,” will be held from September 22-26 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The conference will investigate the significant changes that have been made to Wright’s buildings or their contexts by Wright and others.

More than 50 years after the architect’s death, Wright’s works continue to inspire and inform while captivating the imagination of professionals and amateurs alike. As we observe recent developments, such as the completion of the Toshiko Mori-designed Pavilion at the Darwin Martin House and additions to the First Unitarian Society of Madison Meeting House and the Guggenheim Museum, there are questions of architectural integrity and interpretation to consider. Convening Wright homeowners, public site administrators, architects, scholars and preservationists, the conference will offer a forum for discussing these issues during morning sessions and a chance to reflect and observe amidst the architecture of the Cincinnati Hills and surrounding areas during afternoon tours.

Participants will view several significant Wright locations during their stay in Cincinnati, but none may be more appropriate to the Conference’s theme than the Westcott House. Originally designed as a private residence for Burton J. Westcott and completed in 1908, the building’s open floor plan was converted into a low-rent rooming house after World War II. Thanks to the efforts of the Conservancy – see Case Studies – and the Westcott House Foundation, the building was restored and reopened to the public on October 15, 2005. The issue of adjacencies will also be an important question for the Westcott as the future of the Greenmount houses is addressed.

In addition to the daily discussions and tours, the conference will host a Silent Auction and Gala, featuring the presentation of the annual Wright Spirit Awards – the Conservancy’s highest accolade – to those individuals and organizations that demonstrate extraordinary efforts in stewardship of Wright buildings or furtherance of the Wright legacy. Pre- and post-conference
options will include a tour through the surprisingly architecturally innovative Columbus, Indiana,
and a visit to the Wright-inspired, organically constructed Usonian homes of Rush Creek Village.

A conference brochure and application will be posted on the Conference portion of the website in late May, with online registration to follow soon after.

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