Out and About Wright: New York

Out and About Wright 2009 is off to amazing start! Next stop on the itinerary is New York City to celebrate the newly restored Guggenheim Museum and the exhibit “Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward”. Out and About Wright: New York attendees will receive a free admission ticket to the Guggenheim (good from Friday, June 19 to Sunday, June 21). Gail Satler, author of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Living Space, will be giving a lecture at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 20 to kick-off our day. At the conclusion of her presentation attendees can use their free ticket to view the exhibit or grab a bite to eat at the Guggenheim Café.

Of course, in true Conservancy style, we can’t just let it end with that! Attendees will gather outside the museum to embark on an extended architecture tour. Buses will take a scenic tour through the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed community of “Usonia” in Pleasantville, New York. Wright carefully sited each house, approved all the plans and personally designed three of the residences within this community. Many of the other homes were designed by architects such as Paul Schweikher, Theodore Dixon Bower, Ulrich Franzen, Keneji Domoto, Aaron Resnick and David Henken.

Nestled in this picturesque community is the privately owned, Wright-designed, Roland and Ronny Reisley Residence (1951). Roland Reisley, an original Wright client and author of Usonia New York, Building a Community with Frank Lloyd Wright, will open his wonderful
house for attendees to tour and will tell stories about his home and this unique community. Roland and his wife Ronny received their plans from Wright in 1951 and later (1956) commissioned an extensive addition by Wright. Wright was often in New York during this period, working on the Guggenheim Museum. As a result Wright came to the site a number of times and the Reisleys have often shared fascinating stories about working with their architect.

As we meander through Usonia we will make another stop at another Wright-designed private residence, the Edward Serlin Residence (1949). Attendees will tour this rarely seen home and enjoy its Usonian character. Wright often experimented with variations to his Usonian themes and this home is no exception. Sloping rooftop, local stone, cypress wood and unique floorplan all reflect Wright’s creativity within his Usonian theme.

As we exit this wonderful community we will pass by the Sol Friedman Residence (1948), the third Wright-designed home in this community. It has a bold design, clearly seen from the street, of interlocking circles and long walls of stone, an outside dining area and circular carport. Roland Reisley notes, "The Friedman House became the focus for many Usonian meetings and parties in the early years. The great circular living room was comfortable for just one or two people, but could accommodate one hundred as well. The Friedmans helped to organize and arrange concerts there by the Pleasantville junior Philharmonic, a group of Usonia's children joined by a few others from other neighboring towns."

We are not done! The best is yet to come… a signature of the Out And About Wright events are the evening receptions at privately owned Wright homes. The perfect end to this amazing day will be a private tour and dinner reception at the Max Hoffman Residence (1955) in Rye, New York. The house we see today is the third design Wright proposed for the site and though typical of his so called "in-line" plan, the scale of the building, the elegance of the materials and a grandeur of the spaces makes it a unique and exciting building to visit. The elegant details include a carefully worked copper fascia, Philippine mahogany woodwork, extensive slate floors and terraces as well as the deeply raked granite stonework of the pillars and facade.

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