Prarie Mod Interview with FLWBC Executive Director Janet Halstead

An excerpt from the full interview:

The Conservancy maintains a fairly low profile
in most of the preservation-related situations it involves itself in.
Why is that?

Janet: Often the most successful path to a good
preservation outcome is to work behind the scenes with key players. We
try to learn about potentially problematic situations before they become
serious preservation threats or headlines in the community. We try to
identify alternative paths and suggest options. Sometimes a creative
solution can be generated quietly. We contact the local preservation
committees who know the local situation, market and politics and check
with the SHPO (state historic preservation organization) to determine
who or what combination of players is in the best position to influence
the outcome positively.

When quiet discussions and persuasion do not
achieve the results and demolition is imminent, however, the
Conservancy has taken very public stances and generated publicity. We
have several case studies on our website such as the Bradley House
carriage house and the Glasner House, both in Illinois, as well as
Auldbrass Plantation in South Carolina and the Ennis House in Los
Angeles. A really interesting solution was found for the Gordon House in
Oregon, but that would be a story for another interview.

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