SaveWright Magazine Looks at Wright in Japan

"The Conservancy could not publish for long without serious consideration of Wright's work in Japan," writes Guest Editor Edith Payne of the Spring 2015 issue of our magazine, SaveWright. Entitled "Wright in Japan" this issue features articles on the chronology of Wright's travels in Japan while working on the Imperial Hotel, a study of Wright collaborator Arata Endo's contributions to Wright and Japan's architecture, an in-depth look at the Truscon Company and its system of steel-reinforced concrete used on the Imperial Hotel, a first-hand remembrance of the preservation effort that saved Wright's Myonichikan school in Tokyo, and a history of Wright and the Japanese prints he helped make famous in the United States.

Conservancy members should have received their copies already. Non-members can join now for as little as $50 ($75 outside the U.S. and Canada) to get your copy right away, and you'll also receive a nice discount when you register for our upcoming conference in Milwaukee. Email us about purchasing extra copies or if you're a Wright site interested in stocking the issue in your gift shop.

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