Sold! Coonley House South Wing

After sitting vacant and unmaintained for six years, Wright’s Coonley House South Wing finally has new owners. The preservation-minded buyers, John Farneda and Stephanus Greeff, plan to immediately address the most urgent needs of the house and restore it slowly over time. This is the best possible news for the house, which has suffered damage from several hard winters and minor vandalism.

The Coonley House has been called “an American palazzo.” It was divided into four separate parcels and residences starting in the 1950s: the north or main wing, the south or bedroom wing, the coach house and the gardener’s cottage. Three of the four residences have had committed stewards and finally the fourth, the orphan south wing, is going to get the attention it deserves.

During the last two years the Conservancy had spoken with several prospective buyers, the seller and the village of Riverside in an effort to resolve the situation. It became critical when the house went into foreclosure. The Conservancy communicated with the bank holding the mortgage to ensure that they were aware of the special importance of this National Historic Landmark and the need to transfer ownership quickly. Farneda and Greeff hung on for a year during the excruciating process, and their perseverance has at last paid off.

“It is a bit overwhelming,” says Farneda, “but we are thrilled and cannot wait to start working on the house.” They have our applause for taking on this major project and for their commitment to restoring the property!

The Coonley House North Wing, which is in exquisite shape, is coincidentally also for sale at a new price, $2.1 million. Click here to see all the listed Wright properties on the market.

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