New Chapter for AD German Warehouse

The Conservancy learned recently that a new buyer for the A. D. German Warehouse (1916-1921) had stepped forward from among the residents of Richland Center, Wisconsin. The property was purchased from the estate of Harvey Glanzer and closed on August 15. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous and did not wish to disclose the amount of the sale. The new owner will be working with a group of Richland Center citizens and institutions who are organizing to develop plans for strategic and financial planning, fundraising, restoration, partnering on adaptive use and future operations. The Conservancy began an initiative in May 2012 to chart a path for a new owner and a new future for the Warehouse, bringing together a group of interested parties and local citizens. The current steering committee includes several individuals from this group.

The Conservancy welcomes this news as it puts the Warehouse in local ownership and creates time for the steering committee to continue its planning into the fall and winter. The Conservancy plans to support those efforts.

The location of the Warehouse holds special significance because Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center on June 8, 1867, although the exact location of his birth is not known. Designed the year after the fire at Taliesin and completed by 1921, the Warehouse exhibits Wright’s use of Precolumbian forms similar in character to the Bogk House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as the Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, California. As architectural historian and Harvard professor Neil Levine notes, “Precolumbian architecture represented for Wright, as he later wrote, a repository of ‘might,’ of ‘strength,’ of ‘gigantic power’ and ‘force.’” The most distinctive feature of the building is the fourth story poured-in-place concrete decorative frieze that rises up to form a parapet for the rooftop.

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