Wright on the Market
Recent Past sales
Sold 12/16
Elizabeth Murphy House(1917)
Shorewood, WI
Sold 12/16
Stuart Richardson House(1951)
Glen Ridge, NJ
Sold 12/16
William H. Winslow House(1893)
River Forest, IL
Sold 11/16
Andrew B. & Maude Cooke House(1953)
Virginia Beach, VA
Sold 8/16
Frank Iber House(1957)
Plover, WI
Sold 7/16
Samuel Eppstein House(1948)
Galesburg, MI
Sold 6/16
Louis B. Fredrick House(1958)
Barrington Hills, IL
Sold 12/15
George Madison Millard House(1906)
Highland Park, IL
Sold 10/15
James B. Christie House(1940)
Bernardsville, NJ
Sold 7/15
Gift Shop for V. C. Morris (140 Maiden Lane)(1948)
San Francisco, CA
Sold 5/15
Gerald B. Tonkens House(1955)
Cincinnati, OH
Sold 5/15
Alice Millard House ('La Miniatura')(1923)
Pasadena, CA
Sold 5/15
Coonley South Wing(1907)
Riverside, IL
Sold 2/15
Storer House(1923)
Los Angeles, CA
Sold 11/14
Charles L. Manson House(1938)
Wausau, WI
Sold 10/14
Robert Emmond House(1892)
La Grange, IL
Sold 9/14
Blossom House(1892)
Chicago, IL
Sold 7/14
Robert P. Parker House(1892)
Oak Park, IL
Sold 5/14
McArthur House(1892)
Chicago, IL
Sold 3/14
William and Jessie Adams House(1900)
Chicago, IL
Sold 3/14
George W. Furbeck House(1897)
Oak Park, IL
Sold 2/14
Joseph Euchtman House(1939)
Baltimore, MD
Sold 1/14
Bachman Wilson House(1954)
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Sold 12/13
Maynard and Katherine Buehler House(1948)
Orinda, CA
Sold 12/13
Robert Berger House(1952)
San Anselmo, CA
Sold 12/13
Delbert W. Meier House(1917)
Monona, IA
Sold 10/13
Donald and Virginia Lovness House(1955)
Stillwater, MN
Sold 9/13
William E. Martin House(1902)
Oak Park, IL
Sold 8/13
Dudley Spencer House(1956)
Wilmington, DE
Sold 8/13
A. D. German Warehouse(1915)
Richland Center, WI
Sold 7/13
No.2 Millikin Place (Irving House)(1910)
Decatur, IL
Sold 6/13
Ray Brandes House(1952)
Sammamish, WA
Sold 12/12
David Wright House(1950-52)
Phoenix, Arizona
Sold 11/12
A. W. Gridley Residence(1906)
Batavia, Illinois
Sold 11/12
Tracy Residence(1955)
Normandy Park, Washington
Sold 7/12
Robert D. Winn House(1950)
Kalamazoo, MI
Sold 6/12
David and Gladys Wright House(1951)
Phoenix, Arizona
Sold 6/12
Randall and Harriet Fawcett House(1961)
Los Banos, California
Sold 3/12
Charles Perry House(1915)
Glencoe, Illinois
Sold 3/12
Eric Brown House(1949)
Kalamazoo, MI
Sold 2/12
Helen & Ward McCartney House(1949/1956)
Kalamazoo, MI
Sold 12/11
Kenneth Laurent House(1951)
Rockford, IL
Sold 12/11
Charnley Cottage(1890)
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Sold 11/11
Am Systems Built 2722 W. Burnham St(1916)
Milwaukee, WI
Sold 10/11
Suntop Homes - 156 Sutton Rd(1939)
Ardmore, PA
Sold 8/11
Meier House(1917)
Monona, IA
Sold 7/11
Ennis House(1924)
Los Angeles, California
Sold 12/10
Emil Bach House(1915)
Chicago, IL
Sold 11/10
Alvin Miller House(1946)
Charles City, Iowa
Sold 11/10
Harrison P. Young House(1895)
Oak Park, IL
Sold 6/10
B. Harley Bradley House and Stable(1900)
Kankakee, IL
Sold 7/09
Gladys and David Wright House(1951)
Phoenix, Arizona
Sold 3/09
Palmer House(1950)
Ann Arbor, MI
Sold 10/08
Brandes House(1952)
Sammamish, WA
Sold 10/08
Carl E. Schultz House(1957)
St. Joseph, MI
Sold 8/08
Donald & Mary Lou Schaberg House(1950)
Okemos, MI
Sold 7/08
The Lamberson House(1951)
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Sold 6/08
William P. Boswell House(1959)
Indian Hill, OH
Sold 5/08
Oscar Johnson House(1917)
Evanston, IL
Sold 11/07
Charles E. Roberts Stable(1896)
Oak Park, IL
Sold 8/07
Charles F. Glore House(1951)
Lake Forest, IL
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