Wright on the Market
How to list

The Conservancy’s “Wright on the Market” provides sellers an international audience for Wright properties, encouraging a smooth transition in preservation-minded ownership. We have facilitated the sale of many Wright properties around the U.S. We would like to assist you in your endeavor to sell your Wright property to a qualified buyer who will be a good steward of this valuable piece of architecture.

To list your Frank Lloyd Wright property on Wright on the Market, there is a $300 first-year fee, which allows you to place a notice of up to 400 words and up to 10 photos in the "Wright on the Market" section of our website. After one year you can renew your listing for $50. See below for more information.

Future changes to the price or contact information are made free of charge. However, due to website administration costs, major changes to the text or photos will incur a $50 charge. Please remember to contact the Conservancy office by email or phone with any subsequent price or other changes.

Please prepare your notice describing the house (preferably in Microsoft Word) and email it, your photographs and the forms listed below to the Conservancy.

Thank you for your interest!

2015 Wright on the Market Listing Information

2015 Wright on the Market Payment Form
    Please contact the Conservancy for more information at 312.663.5500.

    *Please Note: Our service is provided ONLY for historically verified structures attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright himself.
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